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Medical research that depends on you.


The real story about clinical trials starts with someone like you. Everyone who’s ever been sick needs the hope of getting well, and medical research is part of that hope. The building block of all new drug and medical device development, clinical studies are the way new treatments are tested and proven before they can be made available on a large scale to the public. Every drug or medical device that is making life better today had to go through this testing process. What makes clinical trials possible are the people who volunteer to help. Maybe that’s you. 


Of course, before getting involved in medical research, you’ll want to learn all you can about clinical trials. So browse this site to find out more about how you can play a vital role in drug development – and possibly bring new hope to someone’s life, even your own.


What are clinical trials?


A clinical trial (or research study) is a study carried out to help physicians and researchers learn more about the effectiveness of new medicines and/or treatments. Often, these studies are conducted to compare a new treatment to a treatment that is already offered to the public. The information gained from these clinical trials helps researchers find out if these new medicines and/or treatments are safe for humans to use and if they produce the intended effect.


Why should you participate?


By enrolling in a clinical trial, you can contribute to society by helping to develop new therapies for patients, be an integral part of cutting edge scientific research, receive study related treatment at no cost and receive financial reimbursement for your time and efforts.  


Who can participate?


Every clinical trial has its own rules about who can participate. Most studies call for people with a certain medical diagnosis and prescribed certain medications within a specified age group.


How long do trials last?


Each clinical trial lasts a specific amount of time, depending on the medicine and/or treatment being tested. You will be informed of the specific time requirement before you agree to enter a study.



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